While scrolling through Google for a reputable site to buy drugs without a prescription, we came across ToRReZ Market that claims to offer all kinds of goods. They even have the self-proclaimed title of number 1 of darknet markets. 

After looking up some reviews, we noticed buyers and sellers have been curious about this market, asking their peers if this site is any good. Since you’re here, you’re probably asking the same question. Here’s what we discovered.

What Is ToRReZ Market?

Torrez Market (stylized ToRReZ Market) made its debut in February 2020, which means it’s a fairly novel darknet market. The site advertises itself as the first “Community Driven Market” and is accessed anonymously through the TOR network. 

Like similar markets, Torrez Market hosts vendors and users aiming to sell and purchase illicit goods. You’ll find a variety of illegal drugs (e.g., Cocaine, Ecstasy, MDMA, etc.) but also prescription drugs (Oxycontin, Xanax, Adderall, etc.). That’s not all that’s available, the marketplace also has a large amount of fraud items available, with physical or digital options.

Community-Driven Market

Torrez Market describes itself as “the first Community-Driven Market”, which means they turn to the community for all feedback on transactions, online experiences, or any other improvements. The deepweb site has an anonymous voting system for visitors to vote on issues regarding transaction security, user support, and market usability.

How to Access the Site?

Torrez is on the TOR networks, so you’ll need a TOR Browser to access the site. You’ll also need a PGP, or Pretty Good Privacy, through an encryption/decryption program. It’ll ensure all information you provide on the site is completely encrypted and your identity is anonymous and non-hackable. Other than that, you’ll want some digital currency on hand like Zcash, Bitcoin, or Litecoin.

The darkweb site has a decent support section where you can message them about issues you come across. There’s also a forum tab, but it’s not a traditional forum – instead, it has a subdread and other pages where customers can ask admins what they need to know.

What Is Offered on the Site?

The market’s interface is a little different from the ones we’ve come across before. Some similarities to other sites include a categories list on the left side of the page to orient you and the products with pictures filling the rest of the page, but the interface is more condensed so you can see more products at once. That can make it difficult to read at first, but playing around with the zoom feature can easily solve this issue. While on the site, we found these drugs that are available for purchase:

  • Cannabis & Hash – 222
  • Stimulants – 197
  • Ecstasy – 72
  • Opiates – 84
  • Benzos – 63
  • Psychedelics – 96
  • Dissociatives – 24
  • Prescriptions Drugs – 6 

Each product varies in origin and available amount since it depends on the vendors. The page tells you where the product is sourced and which countries they can safely ship it to. It’ll also tell you where the vendor ranks according to reviews.

ToRReZ Market Link


Our Thoughts

Torrez Market has a wide variety of products to choose from and accepts many types of cryptocurrencies. It’s one of the better sites we’ve come across, but it’s been difficult to draw conclusions about the products since there are so few reviews about the process or transactions. It could be because of how new the site is, but remember that this is a darkweb market, and it’s a good idea to be on your guard. 

After reading our review, would you buy something from this site? Let us know whether you used the website before and tell us about your experience.