Cypher market link


While combing through a list of Google searches to find a good site to buy drugs without a prescription, we came across Cypher Market. Have you heard of this before? We didn’t. It seems to have popped up recently, and we were excited to find out if it’s another site to add to our list. 

After accessing the page through TOR, we scrolled through their supplies to see what they have. Here’s what we think.

What Is Cypher Market?

Perhaps intentionally, it was difficult to get information on the site as it shared the same name (but different spelling) with a trading instrument. 

After diving into the history of the site, we learned that the darknet marketplace doesn’t have traditional deposit wallets but is instead a walletless escrow and FE market. That means you don’t need to deposit money into your account before purchasing something on the site but instead pay out of pocket, much like an online store. That makes Cypher enticing in a way that other darknet markets cannot compete with, prompting the marketplace to declare themselves number 1 on the deepweb.

Products Offered

The variety we found was outstanding. You can easily get blocks of cocaine, pills from around the world, and traditionally difficult to source drugs. But that’s not all they offered. There was a large amount of counterfeit items and malware – usual items on a darknet website – but they also sold guides and tutorials. Many darkweb markets intentionally ban guides and tutorials, so finding one that hasn’t is atypical.

For all the products they had available, there were also some restrictions. Some of the banned items included weapons and chemicals that could harm others, murder services, and any form of child pornography.

Page Setup

As with most darknet markets, the category of products is on the left of the page with the number of items available. Below that is a list of official mirror sites you can use. The rest of the page contains featured listings of the more popular items with an image, short text description, prices, and vendor information. The descriptions aren’t overrun with information but provide what you need to find the products you’re looking for.

The landing page has other helpful information you may need front and center: FAQ, related services, PGP. The page also has the search bar at the top center, making it easy to find the exact product or vendor you need.

Site Security

Using a walletless escrow is no safer than a traditional deposit system. While Cypher Market isn’t the most secure page, it has enough to ensure your data won’t get taken by hackers. Phishing protection is a plus, so you don’t have to worry about landing on the wrong site. PGP and 2FA are mandatory for users and sellers, as usual, the admins constantly remind you to be smart (don’t contact sellers outside of the platform, immediately tell them of scams, etc.).

However, their good-natured intentions cannot stop hackers and scammers, according to reviews on private forums. The walletless system allows more fraudsters to get away with the payment without sending products over, even if they say they have.

Conclusions on Cypher

Cypher market’s ingenuity and wealth of items are a strong pull customers have towards the marketplace. They have an established base of vendors and buyers alike for a good reason. However, we found reviews to be mixed, and the negative ones have good reason to cause some concern. This is the darkweb, after all.

This has been our experience after spending some time on Cypher. If you have been a long-time customer or bought anything from the site, we would like to hear about your experience.