Blue Monkeys Pill

The already well-known Blue Monkeys pill has been spotted on several Darknet marketplaces. It was found at Nightmare market, San wells, and White House Market. These tablets are also known as Paul Frank monkey pills or 2XS. They are easy to recognize by the monkey stamp on a tab.

The price of Blue Monkeys pills hovers around $10-13 per pill. Sellers can send the order by postal services and also suggest other options such as stashing.

What Sensations to Expect 

The pill consists of caffeine and MDMA in equal proportions. This combination of substances complements each other perfectly, as they both belong to the stimulant family. The effect may be somewhat unusual for those users who have never combined ecstasy with caffeine, or at least have not taken a sufficiently large amount of green tea, coffee, or energy drinks while using MDMA. 

Caffeine enhances the usual effects of ecstasy to appear faster and brighter. For example, the body starts to slightly warm up. Due to the mixture’s combined action, the brain’s activity is accelerated for a short time and reaches the highest emotional peaks. 

Various effects begin to appear: an extraordinary, deep sense of music, a desire to fully enjoy the music, immerse yourself in dance or tactile contacts.

Vivid visual effects can be observed at the same time as listening to music. The attention shifts from everyday life to what is happening at the moment. And sometimes, the hidden corners of the user’s personality wake up. It is impossible to predict the trip, but it will expand the experience and create new meanings in the mind of the user. Blue Monkeys pills also increase empathy and connection with others.

The stuff has a mild sedative effect, too. All emotions are stimulated and brought to the height, but the feeling of carelessness remains. 

You can start by taking half of the pill, and if the world does not seem colorful enough after a while, you can use the second part. Experienced users can consume one whole tab.

Possible Negatives of Blue Monkeys Pill

The adverse effects can occur if Blue Monkeys pills are used not only for recreational purposes but also on an ongoing basis. These are feeling of apathy and a desire to be alone, to be isolated from the world. 

Also, Blue Monkeys pills, like any other stuff with MDMA in their composition, can cause tolerance. When consumed regularly or for a “marathon,” more pills are required to achieve the same effect. The best solution would be a short break to restore the body’s reserves. It is better for people with severe conditions like depression to refrain from using any ecstasy-based drugs not to aggravate their condition.

The main rule of admission is to observe the optimal dosage and drink enough water. Also, make sure to get fresh air and cool down since the drug has a powerful warming effect.

How to Buy Blue Monkeys Pills Online

To safely and successfully purchase this drug, it is recommended to download the Tor browser. Nowadays, self-respecting marketplaces take care of the maximum anonymity of their customers. The use of cryptocurrencies helps them in this. Therefore, you need to purchase such money, for example, Bitcoin or Monero. 

The dark web has its search engines. One of them is the search engine Ahmia. Here you can enter the name of the drug and get a lot of links to drug marketplaces.

Some markets will also require disabling JavaScript and entering anti-captcha. After the site realizes that you are not a robot, you can proceed directly to finding your tablets and placing an order. Of course, before starting the search, you will need to register using a username and password, but no confirmation by e-mail is required, and your data will not be saved, so it is advisable to remember the login-password pair or write it down. The site may also include a guide with tips on how to best use the service.

The sale is made from one tablet. The market also provides comprehensive information on delivery methods, travel time, the interval for opening a dispute, responsibility for delivery, and so on and so forth.

Most of the markets offer postal delivery worldwide and are not limited to just one type of stuff. There some other delivery methods, like stashing. The courier puts the product in a secure location for the buyer to pick it up later. And the buyer is given coordinates and a description of how to find the stash point and pick up the package.