Red Monkeys pill is available for order on several Darknet marketplaces, such as Dream Market, White House Market, and San Wells. The pill is familiar to users under various marketing names such as Paul Frank Monkey Face (or simply Paul Frank) as well as 2XS. Their trademark is the face of a monkey right on the stuff. 

Different colors mean different content of the active ingredient. The light pink or red color of the pill should not be confusing: it is quite a powerful concoction. The price of one Red Monkeys pill does not exceed $15. You can receive your order by mail or by stashing.

How Red Monkeys Pill Works

The effect of the drug comes from its composition. The pill contains MDMA, caffeine, and novocaine, and this cocktail affects both the mind and the body. The synergistic effect is expressed in the general state of vigor, activation, and a light sedative component. For those who have not tried such the mix yet, the Red Monkeys pill can be compared to a regular E pill, which you wash down with an energy drink. As a result, ecstasy begins to act faster and opens up more strongly. 

A state of euphoria and increased empathy is combined with a heightened feeling. Thoughts go beyond the ordinary and rush to new ideas and emotions. The body warms up, and the person wants to put energy into dance and physical interactions with people. All senses are sharpened, which is especially noticeable in the awakened taste for musical compositions. It is the ideal state for listening to the new album of your favorite band or DJ.

Of course, each trip is unique, and it is impossible to predict precisely what effects will await a particular user at the peak of stimulation.

A person can reveal new facets of their individuality, experience a storm of emotions, and adventure inspiration. It also activates productive, creative energy directed towards certain activities. Despite the toyish color and cute animal on the stamp, this pill has a relatively strong effect. One serving is enough for a decisive rave-style all-nighter.

New visual experiences and images complement this state. Feelings that were hidden before coming to life, ad these are pleasant to live through under a slightly soothing effect of the pill. Since the Red Monkeys pill is of good quality, you can start with ⅓ of the drug and increase the dose if necessary. Experienced users can take one tablet per person.

Possible Adverse Effects

It’s recommended for only recreational purposes. When used on a daily basis, tolerance (not to be confused with addiction) may occur. It also could bring effects, such as low mood and loss of interest in everyday life. In addition, the tablet shouldn’t be consumed with alcohol or caffeinated products.

The withdrawal period after an ecstasy tab can exacerbate the symptoms of existing mental illnesses, such as depression. A fearful feeling and a desire to immerse oneself in solitude may arise. Residual visual effects can also be seen for a while after the trip. During the active period, one can have pale skin and dilated pupils.

It is best to be adequately hydrated while having a good time and not to overheat.

How to Buy Red Monkeys Pills Online

For a successful and safest purchase of this drug, it is recommended to download the Tor browser and, if you wish, protect your connection using a VPN. The vast majority of marketplaces use cryptocurrencies, which increase anonymity. It can be Bitcoin or Monero at the buyer’s discretion. Money must be purchased in advance. After that, there is a search for stuff and marketplaces, for example, in the search engine Ahmia

As soon as you choose one of the marketplaces, you need to register on it. If you wish, you can create a new login-password pair each time. No other identification methods are required, but sometimes a captcha service is found on these sites. The site may also include a guide with tips on best using the service and specific requirements that vary from store to store.

Most stores sell volumes of 1 tablet or more. Each seller names their delivery time, area (Europe only or worldwide, or else), and procedure for handling objections. Delivery could be performed by mail, and stashing is possible. The buyer can pick up the seller’s goods through a secure stash point in a contactless way, where the courier leaves the package with the order in advance.