Cannazon Market: A Review

If you couldn’t tell from the name, Cannazon Market deals specifically in one product. And that product is cannabis. So, if that is the product of your choice and you’re looking at some of the not so well-known markets to branch out or give a try, this review will help you figure out if Cannazon is your speed.

Cannazon Products

Though it is limited to cannabis, Cannazon does not disappoint with quantity. Its products are classed into various subcategories, ranging from Weeds, Hash, Concentrates, Edibles, etc. These are further subdivided. For example, Weed has categories like Indica, Hybrid, Sativa, etc.

All of these subcategories show you the exact price in various currencies. For example, Hash is divided into Afghan, Morocco, Lebanese, and Other. The cheapest product is Zero Hash costing 7.00 EUR, and the most expensive item is 10 grams of Zahra for 66.00 EUR.

Ease of Access

Presentation is what sells us on markets first, and if we’re judging my looks alone, Cannazon is a stunner! The interface is simple, easy to use, and detailed. You don’t have to trawl through page after page of filler to find what you need – everything is right there on the main page. All kinds of specific information at your fingertips.

Each product clearly displays its price, vendor’s reputation (positive and negative reputation), as well as the source and possible destinations! Not only that, but it also provides for a search panel just on the top-bar and all of its important links are to the extreme right corner. The left-sidebar, like on most other darknet markets, is where the product-categories are housed, letting users instantly land on the type of products they need.


Additionally, the site supports Escrow. It makes sure that neither you nor vendors are scammed by the other. Escrow has been a mainstay in the deepweb for a while, and having it is always a good sign.

PGP and 2FA are also heavily enforced. You can’t use your cell phone for 2FA via OTPs. Instead, you get an encrypted message which can only be decoded using each user’s specific private keys. Only when they successfully decrypt the message are they granted access to the accounts. This makes sure that even if your passwords are compromised, your accounts won’t be!

Finally, you have access to both 2 of 2 as well as 2 of 3 multi-sig transactions. Multi-signature transactions are an advanced BTC transaction protocol that needs at least 2 out of 3 (in the latter case) signees to authorize a transaction before funds can be moved. The involved parties are the Vendor, the buyer, and the marketplace which helps prevent vendor autonomy on the transaction during a trade.

Cannazon Market Onion Url


How Cannazon Performs

CannaZon is a third-party marketplace, meaning you can become a vendor if you’re willing to pay a fee of $250. This fee is refunded when the account is willingly closed by the vendor without any disputes. Any user can create a normal account and then apply to be a vendor.

It, however, does ask to prioritize buyers and has a mandatory ticket-response time of 2 days within which vendors must reply to questions or doubts asked by buyers. However, vendors from the USA aren’t accepted, even through Tor. On top of that, we should mention that the site’s reliability raises some doubts. Registration issues, missing orders, mixed reviews – keep this all in mind. 

Cannazon is not well-known because it sticks to its niche product. Still, never forget that you are in the darkweb, and a scam is only a click away. Stay safe, stay vigilant, and do your research before committing to anything.