The White House Market is a relatively new addition to the darknet scene. And not only is it new, but it also has its own brand and image. This makes sure it stands out, but does it live up to its claim of being #1 on the darknet? Finding that out is the aim of this review. To gauge that, we accessed the site via Tor and looked at a few key points.

Range of Products

It is no surprise that the largest category is Drugs, and is neatly sub-categorized into products like Benzos, Cannabis, Dissociatives, Ecstacy, Opioids, Steroids, etc. All of these subcategories are further subdivided into sub-subcategories (Edibles, Concentrates) to create even more ease of access.

Other categories include software, services, forgeries, and fraud. Nothing out of the ordinary for Darknet markets, but definitely not the most populated. However, there are also things you won’t find here, such as child pornography, hitmen for hire, lethal or non-lethal weapons of any kind, items related to terrorism, and, finally, tutorials.

User Interface

One of the things that make White House Market unique is its user interface. As with other deepweb markets, it has the top bar as well as the left-sidebar displaying the products. Where it differs is that they only show a thumbnail of the product, followed by the name of the vendor, its category, name, price, shipping source, and destination.

To get more details, you will have to hover over the thumbnails and other elements. To increase ease of access, there is also a search bar built into the dashboard.


Probably the most important thing. Running it through whois, we found that the domain (web version) was registered with GRANSY S.R.O D/B/A SUBREG.CZ, and operates out of the Czech Republic.

White House Market Tor Url


White House Market isn’t the most secure of markets, but what it does have by ways of security is sufficient. Using PGP is mandatory for both buyers and sellers, and some products are inaccessible if you don’t enable PGP. Similarly, 2FA is also a must. No two ways about it.

Escrow protects all parties from scammers. Added to this, they state that all funds are stored in cold storages offline, which is definitely very impressive. There is also a Bug-bounty system, allowing independent security researchers to find and report bugs for a reward.

Vending, Payment, and Performance

White House Market is open to independent vendors, meaning you don’t have to be an admin to sell. You only need to have the product to start vending. If you’re a user with a normal account, you can simply click on Become a Seller to upgrade it to a Vendor Account. No charges are applied for this. Yet.

However, as a vendor, you need to pay a 5% fee to the market for every sale you make. This is similar to every other Darknet market. 

Bitcoin is out. That’s right, White House Market has completely banned the use of Bitcoins, which is strange considering how popular it is as a form of payment across the darkweb. Instead, it only accepts Monero (XMR). Once you make an account, they provide you a wallet where you have to deposit the money before you make a purchase.

So, how does White House Market stack up? To sum it up, the free vendor accounts and mandatory PGP/2FA makes it a decent place to do business. However, limited security features is a worry. WE also found information that some orders don’t even make their way to the buyer. 

All that said, it’s hard to say whether it’s a viable market. Going out of their way to ban tutorials speaks volumes about their integrity, but would you give them a chance? Let us know in the comments below.