This marketplace has been around since January 30, 2020. It was founded by true darknet veterans with enormous experience in their field. Despite the image of an aggressive shark on the logo, the interface of the site is very friendly, and the quality of service is maintained at a high level. Its code was written from scratch to ensure maximum security, stability and ease of scaling.

A brief description of the Deep Sea store

Deep Sea Market guarantees its users high security standards. The store’s escrow system is extremely secure, and all vendors are required to use two-factor authentication (2FA). For shoppers, 2FA is also provided, but is not mandatory. Funds are stored in both hot and cold wallets and are securely isolated from potential hacking attacks.

Messages exchanged between buyers, suppliers and site employees are encrypted using PGP technology. Protection against anti-phishing is provided by a secret phrase. In addition, the site uses a powerful anti-flooding system.

In the case that access to the main version of the site will be temporarily blocked, the system of automatic deployment of mirrors, which provides 100% fail-safe work.

One minus and many pluses

Among the main disadvantages of Deep Sea Market is the absence of multisig – but this flaw is compensated by many advantages, in particular:

Early transaction completion is provided.
The supplier’s commission is only 2%, and you do not have to pay it for the first few months.
Support service as quickly as possible processes tickets and resolves disputes.
The site has an easily scalable forum with an intuitive interface. The feedback, trust rating, and vendor ranking mechanisms have been borrowed from AlphaBay and other older markets and then optimized.
Anyone can promote their products on the Deep Sea Market homepage thanks to the “Recommended Items” option with the auction system.

Vendors must pay a $150 fee for the right to trade on this marketplace. As of September 2020, the store had about 15,000 assets. The exact weekly bidding volume was not disclosed.

Beware: the community warns of risks

As of this writing, the site seems to be running smoothly – but there’s a possibility it’s up for grabs. Users warn in the comments: it looks very much like the store has gone under the control of law enforcement agencies. It would suddenly stop its activities for 15 days and then continue to operate as usual, without giving any explanation. The connoisseurs say it is too much like a bait-and-switch. So far, there is no credible way to either confirm or deny this information. Nevertheless, experienced members of the community recommend temporarily refraining from shopping at Deep Sea Market, so as not to fall under the radar of the guards of the law.

Deep Sea Market URL: dsmktyc4q6i4ycvjibd6lf732l66vcvjmhsce5x22bomtrrwdobzbfad.onion