We were going through Google in search of a marketplace to buy drugs without a prescription and found Tor2door. It seems to be a newer place, one that popped up and has successfully stayed, but we didn’t know about it before today. After accessing the site through TOR and spending some time on it, here’s what we think of the darknet marketplace.

What Is Tor2door?

The darkweb marketplace started out in late 2020 and since then has self-claimed the title of number 1 of its kind. It’s a more modern site that’s obvious on the landing page, security levels, and payment system. The site boasts many kinds of illicit items, but only from a few vendors. However, the vendors seem to have access to products from around the world, and that is something only a few other sites can provide.

Variety of Products

As you can imagine, we found the most variety of items in the drugs and chemicals category. It looked like there was high-quality Colombian cocaine, oxycodone capsules, and so much more. Each of these drugs was neatly organized into subcategories, and searching for specific items was easy.

Other categories include fraud items of both personal (carding, accounts) and physical items (bags, clothing, jewelry). The items available were similar to more darknet markets but not as populated – perhaps since they’re still up and coming.

User Experience

It’s obvious that the market was built from scratch and has a unique design compared to other deepweb pages. The design is modern, simplistic, and easy to navigate. The homepage provides you with the goods, so you do not have to spend time scrolling.

On the left of the page are the categories to choose from and how much of each item is available. Below that are current Bitcoin and Monero exchange rates for various countries. The rest of the page is filled with their latest products in a 3 x 3 grid containing the item’s image, price, short description, seller, and average reviews. Each block provides just enough information to find what you’re looking for without overwhelming you with unnecessary text.

Again, this may be due to how new the site is, but we had to search for reviews of various items. We had more luck on private forums where we came across a mix of positive and concerning reviews of some vendors. There’s always a risk when buying something off the deepweb, and we found customers sharing how they did not receive the product they bought even if the vendor stated they should have.

Security and Payment

Tor2door states that the customer’s security is important to them. It’s one of the few darknet marketplaces that supports a multisignature and traditional escrow to add a level of security to cryptocurrency transfer.

The site provides each user and vendor with a trust level depending on the number and kinds of orders placed or the feedback that certain vendors get. PGP is also supported and uses 2FA logins and also to encrypt messages. Other than their already good security system, they claim to constantly update the site’s features to keep their customer’s data safe.

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Tor2door seems to have everything we need for prescription-less drugs and other items when we require more. However, it’s a little dead. There aren’t as many vendors as we would expect from a thriving marketplace and the reviews (that took a while to find) had us feeling neutral instead of excited. The marketplace has the potential to become a go-to for many customers but doesn’t have the kind of traffic for that just yet.

But that’s our short experience. Have you bought anything from this site? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.