The development of this store was completed back in January 2020, but it did not start serving customers until March of the same year. The key priorities for the project are user security, as well as maximum operational security. Asean Market was created from scratch, but its team has impressive experience, so the site runs smoothly and smoothly.

Concept and outlook

The administration has set itself the goal of creating a store with a long-term perspective. The creators have a goal to turn their brainchild into a top darknet shopping site over time through the active implementation of new useful features.

This project has been rebranded and is also known as ASAP Market. It is known for its exceptional reliability, stability and productivity.

The main features of Asean Market.

The site does not support multisig – but the following aspects definitely deserve positive feedback:

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is provided for the protection of the accounts.
Early termination of transactions is allowed.
The commission for the supplier is 3%, and you only have to pay $100 for the right to trade on the site.
All vendors are required to use PGP encryption.

The administration of the platform is proud to announce that it was the first to implement the cards function and the DeadDrop option.

Operating status and volume of assets

At the time of writing this review, the store is actively functioning in normal mode. Exact weekly trading volume has not been disclosed. As of summer 2020, total assets in the store were 5,000.

Asean Market URL: aseanm2r6znqjuackec6j7yiauyq4fcvghmskixd4xqbkvdos6eu6qyd.onion