This store was created in the first half of spring 2019. At first it gave the impression of a reliable project with a simple structure and user-friendly interface, carefully guarding the anonymity of all its users. Unfortunately, the store failed to maintain its original reputation.

Features and benefits

The darknet community valued this site in particular for the following points:

  • Distributed design.
  • Direct escrow deposits without a wallet.
  • Robust two-factor authentication.
  • Ability to leverage EXIF metadata standard.
  • Powerful anti-phishing tools based on advanced cryptography.
  • Compatible with Monero.
  • Availability of multisig.
  • Exceptional ease and convenience of bitcoin payments with multisig.

Vendors had to pay $220 for the right to exhibit their goods here, then their commission was 3%. Early closing of transactions was allowed on the site. All vendors were required to use PGP encryption.

Unfortunate outcome

At the time of writing this review, the Cryptonia Marketplace proved to be an exit-scam that had not lasted at least one year. Its weekly trading volume has not been disclosed. As of August 2019, all assets in the store reached 6,000.

Cryptonia Market URL: jsm5ecfs2xdjivvtizedkiuj4tgcnpewvys3qxxekvucgx2dvqxhy4qd.onion