This young marketplace started operating in April 2020. It positions itself as an innovative project whose main competitive advantages are a spectacular frontend design and an advanced security system.

It is the only store in the darknet where purchases can be made independently with a credit card.

Features and benefits of Dark Fox Market

Transactions on this site are conducted on the basis of wallets that support multisig. It is also worth noting the following features of this project:

The rules allow early completion of transactions.
Registered users can use two-factor authentication.
All sellers are required to use PGP encryption.

To start trading on the site, you must pay $150. After that, the commission for the vendor will be 4%.

Operating Status

At the time of writing this review, Dark Fox Market was actively operating normally without raising any suspicions. The volume of weekly trades was not disclosed. The volume of all assets on the platform was estimated at 3,200.

Dark Fox Market URL: