Versus Market made its debut on the darkweb in late 2019 and has since then racked up a lot of goodwill as well as criticism. Customers and vendors have mixed feelings about this market, but why is that? And is it good? Let’s take a look at what it has to offer and find out.

Versus Market Products Offered

We couldn’t find anything specific about the kinds of products Versus Market deals in. Forum posts discussing it bear a few mentions to illegal drugs, but nothing concrete has popped up during research. Why this market has taken such a secretive approach is a mystery, though a good guess would be because the selection on offer keeps changing.

Perhaps the best thing about Versus Market is that it is becoming one of the fastest-growing internet forums. People from all over the world bring their goods here, and there is a healthy commingling of them all. The forum boards are always popping off, making a good way to meet people.

Perhaps this is why it also holds a daily lottery where people stand a chance to win free Bitcoin! Few things bring people together quite like that.

If you have the right goods to sell, you can become a vendor – for a price. The Vendor bond is $300. Once you pay that, you can upgrade your account to a vendor account. In case you terminate your vendor benefits, or the entire account, of your own free will, this amount is refunded back to you.

Security and Payment

The first thing is that, upon running the domain through whois, we found that it is registered to NameSilo(WEB Version), LLC, based out of Phoenix. That lends it a touch of credibility.

Tor Url Versus Market

Versus Market comes with PGP and 2FA. You receive an encrypted passcode unique to you that you need to use for every transaction. Also present is Escrow, the mainstay of all darknet markets. What Escrow does is take the money from transactions and keep it in the marketplace until the order is received by the buyer. 

Additionally, Versus boasts multi-sig security, meaning that at least two other signatories need to sign off on the transactions before it can happen. Usually, the viable signatories are the buyer, the vendor, and the market.

Finally, it has a unique CC AutoShop where vendors load their cards, and buyers can use a built-in checker for insurance.

Payment Methods

Versus supports Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Monero. It is the standard operating procedure for deepweb markets to have transactions almost exclusively in cryptocurrencies. 

We tried to register on it, but the confirmation email never came (the script gave an error, the site stopped working). After looking for reviews on private forums about the Versus Market, we found information that orders come through time, but the store always tries to solve the problem with the return.


Versus market celebrates its first year anniversary this December. There is a mix of both positive and negative feedback. For instance, some orders are known to have gone missing, but the service makes sure the problem was followed through. If you are a user here, we are waiting for your feedback on this store in the comments.

Remember, though, that you are in the darkweb. There are scammers waiting behind every corner. Stay on your guard, and don’t trust everyone you’ll meet here.