While searching for a good site to buy drugs without a prescription, we came across Corona Market as one of the Google searches. As with other darknet markets, we accessed it through TOR and were taken to a marketplace we haven’t explored before. Have you ever made a purchase here? We had an interesting experience, here’s what we found.

What Is Corona Market?

After a quick browse, we’ve concluded that Corona is a general-purpose darkweb marketplace with a variety of items available. We found the drugs and prescriptionless medication we were looking for quite easily (uncut Peruvian and Colombian cocaine, Bensedin Diazepam) but also found malware, digital products, and more for sale. 

Since they have everything you could want from a darknet site, a lot of reviews claim Corona Market to be number 1 of its kind. The range of products is definitely a plus. 

Page Setup

After creating an account and filling our wallet, it was time to explore the site. There’s only a landing page to explore instead of many tabs. It took a while to get oriented since the usual category listing on the left wasn’t present. 

After getting used to the unusual layout, we noticed that the categories were instead below the search bar and above some featured products. Some of the categories included carded and counterfeit items, digital products, drugs, guides and tutorials (usually banned from darknet markets), various services, and malware.

The images and descriptions of the products were more helpful than information on other sites. Each description tells you the kind of payment the vendor accepts, prices for different amounts, where the product is sourced, and where it can be shipped to. It also shows how many of that item the vendor has sold and the average review for each transaction. Interestingly, the vendor’s overall rating and ranking are also shown (for that category). You don’t have to guess at any of this information if you choose to buy from the vendor.

The site relies on the customer knowing what item they’re looking for and using the search bar to find it. You can filter the searches by the little pieces of the usual unique information like vendor or type of product, but the advanced searches allow you to select the country of origin or currency as well.

Security and Payment Options

Each product has payment prices listed as crypto or traditional currency with the option to switch between them. As with other good deepweb sites, you have the option of traditional escrow and FE. However, choosing FE means the shop receives funds when you make a purchase in addition to the vendor, so the vendor shorts you, Corona doesn’t have the money to pay you back, and you’re on your own.

We read some reviews on a private forum where some customers have experienced that. While the marketplace tried to help them with the matter, there was little they could actually do, especially once the vendor finalizes the shipment of the product. There are also reviews of each vendor on the website, some better than others.

Corona market link


Conclusions About Corona Market

After going through many deepweb sites in search of a decent one to buy drugs, Corona seems to tick most of our boxes. They have a variety of items, and the vendors provide more information than we require, lending to the product’s credibility. 

However, we cannot ignore some of the mixed reviews. Yes, buying off of the darkweb comes with some risks, but we don’t want to put ourselves through unnecessary struggle. Would you give them a chance? Have you already had a different experience than us? Let us know in the comments below.