We were going through Google suggestions today to look for a new site to purchase drugs without a prescription and found Neptune Market. This relatively new darknet marketplace has all kinds of drugs, carding materials, hacked accounts, and much more to offer. But is it worth buying from? Does it stand up to the claim of number 1 on the darknet? Here’s what we think.

What Is Neptune Market?

The marketplace first popped up in June 2020 on the deepweb and has been enticing customers and sellers ever since – including us. Its main pull is the simplicity and security of the website and purchasing process.

Neptune Market’s Products

As expected, one of the largest categories is Drugs, with thousands of options under many subcategories. You can get Adderall, MDMA, Xanax, and much more in any form you’re interested in. The options available are impressive.

But that’s not all that’s available. Other categories the site offers are CVV and account fraud, digital products, counterfeit items, even jewelry. It seems like this is the marketplace for all kinds of illicit items.

Website Design and Interface

Much like other darknet markets, Neptune boasts a modern interface that looks like more legit sites rather than a common deepweb site. The page is clean but informative, without clunky pictures or odd font sizes. The main homepage displays information about your account security and updated cryptocurrency prices, as well as any relevant news. They even have an affiliate program. Having a different landing page and products page lends some credibility and modernity to the marketplace, showing it’s a legit business instead of a traditional darknet site.

The browse tab houses all the goods Neptune has to offer. The products are advertised as a list with an image to the left of the text and buttons to the right instead of a grid of text and image. The description includes information about the vendor like their rating, which cryptocurrency they take, and other general payment options. The left of the page has various categories to choose from and tells the user how many products are available for that item.

Payment and Security

As with other darkweb sites, the usual security recommendations apply: stay anonymous, use the TOR browser, avoid flipping between sites (especially your personal accounts). When creating an account, users are required to set up a 6 digit pin that they use when placing orders. PGP encryption is used to encrypt messages and 2FA logins. Traditional escrow is also present.

What’s unique to Neptune is a gambling function that allows its users to bet on future events. The site also shows the user their account’s security levels and offers suggestions to increase security.

For all the products they offer and the number of vendors they have available, it’s surprising how difficult it was to find reviews for the sellers and the site too. The reviews we did find were mixed, and the negative ones gave us cause for concern. A number of customers did not receive the goods they were promised after paying for them.

Neptune Market Link

Neptune Market is down

What We Conclude

As it approaches its first anniversary on the darknet, Neptune Market has slowly tried to make a name for itself. The site has many features that are enticing and helpful when browsing through a deepweb marketplace. 

However, the lack of reviews on the site itself and a few concerning reviews from private forums make us a little wary of doing more than scrolling through the site. But ours is just one opinion. If you’ve purchased anything from Neptune Market or have any other thoughts, let us know in the comments below.